Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pigeons, uhhh I mean doves

The oldest chick has feathers coming in and after some additional research, it looks like I have a pair of doves, not pigeons. Well, that's a little better! We enjoy the wild doves here and put food in the feeder for them. Not sure what kind these are yet, (I think they are mourning doves) they will have to get some more feathers before I can be sure. I will surely let everyone know! They are doing great, growing fast and eating a ton! I will post some pictures soon.

We have sold all of our normal and turquoise green cheek babies! We have more normal green cheek eggs in the nest though. I've had a lot of interest in this new clutch, so let me know if you want me to hold a baby for you when it hatches. You can email me at

We also have a pair of blue quakers sitting on eggs!

Our lineolated parakeet babies are growing fast and I will be pulling them Monday or Tuesday. They are all dark eyes which means no lutinos or creaminos in this clutch. To find out more about these birds, see my lineoleated parakeet page on my website at

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Funny Story

A lady called me from the feed store the other day. She said some landscapers cut down a tree and there was a nest with baby birds in it. She didn't know what they were and wanted to know if I would take them. I get a lot of these types of calls this time of year. Usually, I refer the person to the local wildlife rehab center and or tell them to call Texas Parks and Wildlife. This time, something peaked my interest. I asked what the birds looked like. She said she had no idea what they were, but they had yellow down feathers. Yellow down feathers? I couldn't think of any wild bird in this area fitting that description. I thought maybe they were something cool like wild quaker parrot babies or some unusual songbird. Curiosity got the better of me and I drove down to take a look:

Well, here is what she brought out! Do you know what these are?

I admit, it took me a few minutes too.....


Well, handfeeding a couple of pigeons was not exactly what I had in mind, but hey, it'll be a neat life experience anyway. My husband says I can add this skill to my resume LOL! Of course, they are not anywhere near my other birds (they are in the barn actually, in a seperate airspace). And quarantine protocol is being followed. They are pretty neat. They eat differently than the parrots do and are actually easier to feed. I'll keep everyone updated on their progress.