Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good places to shop online!

Many of us shop the internet for our parrot supplies. Most local stores just don't have what we need and the prices tend to be more competitive online. Unfortunately as with everything else these days, shipping has increased substantially. Many times, the cost of shipping is equal to or exceeds the cost of the order itself!

There are a few good sites that have a good selection of bird supplies as well as free shipping if you meet their minimum order amount. I recommend that you stock up when placing your order to avoid paying shipping on smaller, more frequent orders. 

Here are three sites to check out:

Dr. Fosters & Smith:  http://www.drsfostersmith.com/  This is the site I refer my customers to when they are purchasing supplies for their new bird. They have a great selection of bird supplies (and other animal supplies as well) and offer free shipping if your order is over $49! Their prices are excellent and they always seem to have something new. I highly recommend you sign up for their mail catalogs!

Pet Solutions: http://www.petsolutions.com/storefront/bird/cbird-p1.html  This site has some really good prices on their larger bags of food which when you factor in free shipping is a good deal. They also have a nice selection of products. I've always received my orders very quickly from them.

That Pet Place: http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/cat/expand/243/category.web They usually run free shipping specials so you have to be on the lookout. Sign up on their email list and they will send you a notification when they have a sale. Right now, they are offering free shipping on orders over $49. Again a nice selection of products for all your pets, not just birds.

If you know of some other parrot supply sites that have good prices and competitive shipping rates let me know.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Product Review

Well, in my previous blog I mentioned that I ordered Mango Control Spray to see if it worked as a replacement for Camicide. It is a "natural" formulation with the following ingredients: ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Sodium lauryl sulfate 1.50%, cinnamon oil .50%, cedar oil .20%, clove oil .20%, other ingredients (water, citric acid, bentonite) 97.60%.

I tried this product on a few different types of bugs - ants, two roaches and some sort of beetle. Unfortunately this product did not work on any of them. I soaked the bugs with this stuff and they basically walked right out of it. :-( 

A spray or two with Camicide knocked them out right away.

This product smells nice when you spray it, but in my experience was not effective at all. I was so disappointed in this product that I just threw it away.

Luckily, I was able to obtain a few more bottles of Camicide. I do not need to use very much, so my supply should last me a while. Hopefully, by the time I run out it will be back on the market.

Meanwhile, if I see another product that shows some promise, I'll be sure and let everyone know!