Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a few things....

We have decided to discontinue manufacturing our Feathered Chef Birdie Bread product. We are concentrating our efforts towards the aviary (breeding) side of the business as that is where our true passion lies. We have found some great alternative products which you can check out at We especially like the Momma's Birdie Bread products. So many different flavors and made with wholesome ingredients. Give them a try!

We have two turquoise green cheek conures available for sale. They are about 4 weeks old now. Will be ready to go home in about another four weeks. Green cheek conures are such nice birds. They are little clowns that love to play! They make great family pets as they will interact with everyone. The turquoise (blue) mutation is really gorgeous and different. I hope to get some great pictures when they feather out so everyone can see how pretty they are!

Things have slowed down a little which is a nice breather for me, but I have more babies on the way. I have one lineolated parakeet pair on eggs, one parrotlet pair on eggs and my caiques have been mating. So I expect them to be on eggs soon. I post all baby updates on my site, so check the site frequently and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Unsung Hero

I want to take time to thank one of the unsung heroes in my life - my husband Pete. He is not really into the birds (a mild understatement LOL), but graciously builds nestboxes, makes repairs, helps socialize babies and is a darn good handfeeder in a pinch! He also does about a million other things around here, but that is for another blog.

Sometimes, our household reminds me of a soap opera. Pete's favorite bird is Tutti, our female yellow naped amazon. Tutti is totally in love with him and will sit with him for hours just preening his hair, doing her little amazon cluck and staring at him like a lovestruck schoolgirl. Tutti definitely thinks of Pete as "her" mate. I am fortunate in that Tutti still remains sweet to me, and the "other" girl in my husband's life is a parrot! LOL!

My husband's household nemesis is my hahns macaw, Green Hornet (Hornet for short). Hornet has a strong bond with me and is very jealous of Pete. They both look at each other with mild disdain but manage to remain civil for my sake. Hornet still tries to get in a good nip when he can though! Pete says when I am not around, Hornet is actually pretty nice to him, but when I return it is back to the status quo!

As bird lovers, we understand that the mess, noise and occasional hormonal behavior is all a part of living with birds. The amazing bond we share with them is worth the extra care they require. But let's not forget our spouses who may not be that into birds, but graciously tolerate our bird crazy lifestyle because they love us and want us to be happy. So go give your spouse a big kiss and a hug. Let him know you appreciate him and remind him that the delicious smelling cornbread cooling on the counter top is for the birds!