Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wow we have been busy here! All our birds are healthy and happy and celebrating by giving us lots of babies! We are handfeeding normal green cheek conures in the nursery as well as blue quakers and caiques. We only have one blue quaker left available so if you are interested in this little cutie, contact me! We have more parrotlets on the way as well as turquoise green cheek conures, pineapple green cheek conures and senegals. We are also expecting our black headed caiques to go back to nest soon. We keep our website updated so if you want to know what we have available, go to

I get asked quite often if we ship. Yes we do! We prefer to ship through Continental airlines as their conditions are climate controlled and they hand carry the birds on and off the plane. Our birds are shipped in a very nice, customized carrier which is yours to keep. The carrier can be used in the future for trips to the groomer, day outings, etc. Cost to ship including the carrier is around $115.

Higgins True Fruit

We love this product! We buy it by the 20 lb bags! This product consists of human grade dried mixed fruits which the birds just love! You can put some in your pellet or seed mix for some added zing, feed it straight as a treat or we like to include it in our soak and cook mixes. Fruit loving birds such as caiques and lories especially like it after it has been soaked/rehydrated. This product is available at quality bird stores or you can order it off the net.

Get your bird out of the house

Taking your bird on short trips with you can be a lot of fun for the both of you! It is good for your bird to be exposed to new, safe experiences. I always recommend to my customers that they purchase a small travel cage in addition to their bird's regular cage. Some people only take their bird out of the house for grooming or vet appointments. This makes the bird nervous about going out because the only time he leaves it is stressful. Weather permitting, take your bird with you to run errands. bring him outside with you when you are doing yardwork, or take your bird with you when you go to visit a friend. The more people and experiences your bird is exposed to, the better adjusted he will be. Of course, if your bird hasn't been out of the house in years you will need to take things slowly so you don't stress him too much. But all in all, I find that well socialized birds enjoying getting out of the house as much as we do.


People ask me all the time whether they should board their bird or have a pet sitter come take care of him when they go on vacation. In general, I recommend having a trusted pet sitter come in. Birds are more comfortable in their home environment and you don't have to worry about exposing your bird to strange birds which may be harboring an illness. Ask your neighbors who they use for petsitting. I find that there is usually one or two reliable high school or college kids in the area that provide this service. My friend's daughter comes in to take care of my animals when I am gone and she does a great job!